Phasics is specialized in high resolution wavefront sensors. The company offers a full range of high performance wavefront sensor and integrated optical metrology solutions for laser beam characterization and control, lens testing and microscopy imaging.

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Phasics exhibits at CLEO Show in San Jose

MAY 7-9, 2019

San Jose Convention Center, CA, USA

Booth #1934

Meet us & discover all our high resolution SWIR MWIR and LWIR wavefront sensors covers laser and optics testing from 0.9 to 14 µm !

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Laser Plasma Accelerator Workshop 19

MAY 5-10, 2019

Split, Croatia

Meet us & discover our high resolution and vacuum compatible wavefront sensors, adaptive optics loop for full laser chain characterization

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SID4 V Vacuum Compatible

Vacuum compatible high resolution wavefront sensor

SID4 V vacuum NEW Wavefront sensor vacuum compatible & High resolution


OASys Software


  • Strealined user interface
  • Embedded phase monitoring
  • Beam quality statistics
  • Far field analysis
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    New Brochure SID4bio Applications

    Label-free quantitative cell imagingapplications:


  • Single cell monitoring
  • Single cell tracking /Cell motility
  • Phase fluorescence imaging
  • 2D & 3D tissue imaging
  • Stem cell colonies imaging…
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    Quantitative Retardance Imaging using QWSLI for label-Free Fiber Imaging in Tissue

    Sherazade Aknoun,Michel Aurrand-Lions, Benoit Wattellier, Serge Monneret


    Optics Communication, (Feb, 13 2018)


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    Phase measurement of a segmented wave front using PISton and TILt interferometry (PISTIL)

    Maxime Deprez, Benoit Wattellier, Cindy Bellanger, Laurent Lombard, and Jérôme Primot


    Optics Express 5212 – Vol. 26 , Issue 5, March 5 2018

    Optics Express Link

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    Kaleo MultiWAVE Polychromatic interferometer

    Multiple Wavelenghts Bench

    This optical bench makes the possibility to measure aberrant deviation at several wavelenghts with a single instrument.

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    Direct laser writing of a new type of waveguides in silver containing glasses

    Alain Abou Khalil1, Jean-Philippe Bérubé, Sylvain Danto, Jean-Charles Desmoulin, Thierry Cardinal, Yannick Petit, Réal Vallée, and Lionel Canioni


    Scientific Reports | 7: 11124 | DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-11550-0


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    Femtosecond Laser direct inscription of mid-IR transmitting waveguides in BGG glasses

    Jean-Philippe Bérubé, Arthur Le Camus, Sandra Helena Messaddeq, Yannick Petit, Younès Messaddeq, Lionel Canioni, and Réal Vallée


    Optical Materials Express Vol. 7, Issue 9, pp. 3124-3135 (2017); DOI: 10.1364/OME.7.003124


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