Lens testing

KaleoMTF for R&D


LENS TEST BENCH | Off-axis polychromatic MTF and aberrations

The KaleoMTF bench performs automated off-axis MTF and wavefront error measurements at multiple wavelengths. It also measures aberrations (Zernike coefficients), through focus MTF, distortion, EFL… All results are given in the lens exit pupil for accurate off-axis measurement analysis. The bench takes advantage of Phasics technology to offer not only the most complete quality control, but also ease of use and great versatility.

polychromatic MTF bench

Key Features

Both MTF and wavefront error

  • For 6 wavelengths from 400 to 1100nm
  • At different azimuth

distorsion+MTF+ Coma + Transmission

For large field of view

  • Large field of view: -/+90° (Wide-angle lens,fisheye…)
  • Robust off-axis data analysis thanks to Phasics exclusive configuration with no relay lens

Easy lens positioning

  • Fast and repeatable alignment
  • versatile applicability
  • Automated acquisition and report

Any wavelength

  • Wavefront error and aberrations at any wavelength from 400 to 1100nm
  • Chromatic effect analysis on the same bench
  • Cost-effective sources (LED)
  • Easy alignment (no reference arm)


Off-axis rangeUp to 120°
ConfigurationInfinite to finite
Wavelengths450 - 850 nm
Lens entrance pupil diameter< 7 mm
Lens EFL< 20 mm
Lens f#>1.8
MTF accuracy< 2%
OPD (optical path difference) accuracy< 50 nm RMS
EFL accuracy< 1% (depending on distortion model)
Relative illumination accuracy< 1%
Bench dimensions1200 x 750 x 500 mm3
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