Laser Beam Testing




The SID4-eSWIR wave front sensor integrates PHASICS patented technology with a T2SL detector. Thanks to its high spatial resolution and great sensitivity, it offers accurate wave front measurement over the extended SWIR range from 1.0 to 2.35 µm
SID4-eSWIR is an innovative solution for testing SWIR sources and lenses used in optical communications, inspection instruments or night vision in military and surveillance devices. It provides both MTF and aberrations in one single shot measurement.
Applications: Free-space optical communication | Defense & Security | Aerospace
SID4-eSWIR High resolution extended swir range wave front sensor


Wavelength range1.0-2.35 µm
Aperture dimensions9.6 x 7.68 mm²
Phase spatial resolution120 μm
Phase & Intensity sampling80 x 64
Resolution (Phase)< 6 nm RMS*
Accuracy< 40 nm RMS*
Real-time processing frequency> 10 Hz (full resolution)
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Dimensions90 x 115 x 120 mm
Weight~ 1.8 kg

* for coherent sources

SID4 range and Software


COMPLETE BEAM CHARACTERIZATION | High resolution wavefront analysis software

The SID4 software package manages wavefront acquisition and analysis with one of our wavefront sensors. This software is entirely dedicated to laser beam analysis. It eases the use of the wavefront sensor (camera settings, acquisition modes, alignment helpers, automatic mask adjustment) and provides relevant tools for beam phase analysis: PSF, wavefront aberrations, laser beam parameters, beam profiles…


Wavefront analysis
  • Zernike and Legendre projection
  • PSF (Point spread function)
  • Strehl Ratio, Encircled energy...
Beam propagation module
  • Beam profiles
  • Beam waist, M2, Rayleigh length, Divergence, Curvature...
  • Energy distribution, Intensity centroid, Maximum ellipticity, Diameters, Gaussian fit...
Advanced measurement
  • Circular or rectangular pupils
  • Multiple pupils
  • Piston
  • Tilt...
Laser optics measurement
  • Lens, telescope and mirror aberrations
  • Wave front RMS and PtV
  • PSF
  • Automated aberration removal
Acquisition management
  • Live mode, trigger
  • Offline analysis
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