Adaptive Optics


Key Features

UNRIVALLED HIGH RESOLUTION | 400×300 phase pixels

  • Ultra high resolution – 400×300 measurement points – for robust wavefront analysis
  • Achromaticity from 400 to 1100nm – without calibrating
  • Compact
  • Self-referenced: insensitive to vibrations & easy to align
  • Easy set-up: direct measurement of diverging and collimated beam
  • Achieves easy and accurate quantitative phase imaging



Wavelength range400 - 1100 nm
Aperture dimension8.9 x 11.8mm2
Spatial resolution29.6 µm
Phase & intensity sampling300 x 400 (> 120 000 points)
Resolution (Phase)< 2 nm RMS
Accuracy15 nm RMS
Acquisition rate> 10 fps
Real-time processing frequency> 3 fps (full resolution)
Computer connectionGiga Ethernet
Dimensions (w x h x l)54 x 46 x 79 mm
Weight~250 g

OAsys Software


LOOP MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE | Advanced correction

OASys software module is designed for adaptive optics loop management. It controls both the wavefront sensor and the deformable optics. The NEW OASys software is compatible with any deformable mirror: square, circular or elliptical shape, mechanical or piezoelectric…

  • Complete laser and deformable mirror information
  • Advanced laser safety and mirror issues
  • Last parabola aberration automated removal


Key Features


  • User-friendly interface & step-by-step loop control
  • Live statistics on beam quality and laser pointing
  • Embedded phase monitoring
  • Far field analysis

OASys Software for adaptive optics loop management


Mirror management
  • Automated and manual mirror control
  • Automated calibration of mirror actuators
  • Phase map generation of any shape
  • Security tools (automates detection of laser issues)
Advanced process management
  • 3D pointing management
  • Process for full laser chain correction
Software developement kit
  • Easy integration in control command: C++/LabView/Matlab
  • Compatible with Tango interface

Deformable mirror


ANY DEFORMABLE OPTICS | to fit your application

Phasics adaptive optics loop can integrate any deformable device: mechanical mirror, piezo-electric mirror, SLM, membrane… Thanks to many years of experience, Phasics provides its insightful support for deformable device choice and positioning. Its expert team will recommend the device that best fits the required performances , the budget imperatives and the environment constraints.

Key Features


  • Mechanical mirror of the latest generation (stepper motors)
  • Piezo electric mirror either bimorph or monomorph
  • Membrane
  • SLM


  • Established partnerships with many providers: ISP, Night’N, Adaptica, Cilas, Alpao, OKO, Holoeye, Hamamatsu…
  • Insightful support based on many years of experience to fit your requirements
  • Possible made-to-order mirror


ApplicationHigh Power LaserImaging correctionImaging correction
& beam shaping
TechnologyPiezo electric
(small diameter)
Piezo electric
(large diameter)
Number of actuatorsup to 36up to 150up to 60up to 80600x800
or 1080x1920
Diameter15-25 mm30-400 mm22-500 mm10-30 mm7-16 mm
Damage thresholdVery highVery highVery highHighMedium
Loop speed5-10 Hz5-10 Hz1 Hz5-10 Hz5-10 Hz
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