Lens testing


Key Features

UNRIVALLED HIGH RESOLUTION | 400×300 phase pixels

  • Ultra high resolution – 400×300 measurement points – for robust wavefront analysis
  • Achromaticity from 400 to 1100nm – without calibrating
  • Compact
  • Self-referenced: insensitive to vibrations & easy to align
  • Easy set-up: direct measurement of diverging and collimated beam
  • Achieves easy and accurate quantitative phase imaging



Wavelength range400 - 1100 nm
Aperture dimension8.9 x 11.8mm2
Spatial resolution29.6 µm
Phase & intensity sampling300 x 400 (> 120 000 points)
Resolution (Phase)< 2 nm RMS
Accuracy15 nm RMS
Acquisition rate> 10 fps
Real-time processing frequency> 3 fps (full resolution)
Computer connectionGiga Ethernet
Dimensions (w x h x l)54 x 46 x 79 mm
Weight~250 g

KALEO OEM Software



Kaleo software is dedicated to lens testing with Phasics wavefront sensors. It takes advantage of Phasics exclusive technique to provide a full set of optical quality parameters: MTF, PSF, aberrations… It assists the whole measurement process from alignment to advanced data analysis to help you getting the most out of wavefront measurement.

lens wavefront measurement software

Key Features

  • The most complete lens test: wavefront error, Zernike coefficient, MTF, PSF….
  • Reliable result calculation using expert algorithms
  • Flexible choices for measurement conditions and analysis: lens orientation, digital focus adjustment, pupil size, settings management…



Wavefront analysisPhase map
Real time filtering of the wavefront information (Kernel, Zernike-based, Pupil size)
MTF + PSFOne shot full MTF cuve for all frequencies Digital focusing
Lens orientation selection
Acquisition managementSettings management
Camera management
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