Laser Optics Test


Key Features

UNRIVALLED HIGH RESOLUTION | 400×300 phase pixels

  • Ultra high resolution – 400×300 measurement points – for robust wavefront analysis
  • Achromaticity from 400 to 1100nm – without calibrating
  • Compact
  • Self-referenced: insensitive to vibrations & easy to align
  • Easy set-up: direct measurement of diverging and collimated beam
  • Achieves easy and accurate quantitative phase imaging



Wavelength range400 - 1100 nm
Aperture dimension8.9 x 11.8mm2
Spatial resolution29.6 µm
Phase & intensity sampling300 x 400 (> 120 000 points)
Resolution (Phase)< 2 nm RMS
Accuracy15 nm RMS
Acquisition rate> 10 fps
Real-time processing frequency> 3 fps (full resolution)
Computer connectionGiga Ethernet
Dimensions (w x h x l)54 x 46 x 79 mm
Weight~250 g

KALEO OEM Software



Kaleo software is dedicated to lens testing with Phasics wavefront sensors. It takes advantage of Phasics exclusive technique to provide a full set of optical quality parameters: MTF, PSF, aberrations… It assists the whole measurement process from alignment to advanced data analysis to help you getting the most out of wavefront measurement.

lens wavefront measurement software

Key Features

  • The most complete lens test: wavefront error, Zernike coefficient, MTF, PSF….
  • Reliable result calculation using expert algorithms
  • Flexible choices for measurement conditions and analysis: lens orientation, digital focus adjustment, pupil size, settings management…



Wavefront analysisPhase map
Real time filtering of the wavefront information (Kernel, Zernike-based, Pupil size)
MTF + PSFOne shot full MTF cuve for all frequencies Digital focusing
Lens orientation selection
Acquisition managementSettings management
Camera management

R-Cube | add-on for double-pass test


The R-CUBE is an add-on for easy double-pass measurement with Phasics wavefront sensors. It applies to mirror and large lens aberration measurement and helps calibrating optical test bench or the telescope in adaptive optics beamline. This illumination unit simply plugs to the wavefront sensor and delivers a very high quality collimated beam. So wavefront measurements in double pass are made easy and accurate.

Key Features

for accurate measurement

  • Ultra high quality collimated beam generation
  • High spatial resolution wavefront sensor: up to 300×400 phase pixels
  • Low noise

Plug & Play device

  • Small footprint
  • Compatible with translation and tip/tilt stages for alignment
  • Separate add-on from the wavefront sensor that can be independently used

Surface testing double pass


Compatibility SID4, SID4-HR or SID4 SWIR
Beam diameterAdapted to related wavefront sensor pupil
Source wavelength635, 780, 808, 1064, 1550 or 1650 nm
Beam quality< 20 nm RMS (635-808 nm)
< 30 nm RMS (1064-1650nm)
Double-pass reference mirror qualityλ/20 PV (633nm)
Phase resolution (noise) < 2 nm RMS
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