Lens testing

R-Cube | add-on for double-pass test


The R-CUBE is an add-on for easy double-pass measurement with Phasics wavefront sensors. It applies to mirror and large lens aberration measurement and helps calibrating optical test bench or the telescope in adaptive optics beamline. This illumination unit simply plugs to the wavefront sensor and delivers a very high quality collimated beam. So wavefront measurements in double pass are made easy and accurate.

Key Features

for accurate measurement

  • Ultra high quality collimated beam generation
  • High spatial resolution wavefront sensor: up to 300×400 phase pixels
  • Low noise

Plug & Play device

  • Small footprint
  • Compatible with translation and tip/tilt stages for alignment
  • Separate add-on from the wavefront sensor that can be independently used

Surface testing double pass


Compatibility SID4, SID4-HR or SID4 SWIR
Beam diameterAdapted to related wavefront sensor pupil
Source wavelength635, 780, 808, 1064, 1550 or 1650 nm
Beam quality< 20 nm RMS (635-808 nm)
< 30 nm RMS (1064-1650nm)
Double-pass reference mirror qualityλ/20 PV (633nm)
Phase resolution (noise) < 2 nm RMS
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