Lens testing


The Kaleo-MultiWAVE bench is an advantageous alternative to the purchase of several interferometers, this bench offers a measurement accuracy that rivals to interferometry. With the Kaleo-MultiWave bench you can work at different wavelength to fit the coating transmittance (TWE) and reflectance (RWE).


UNIQUE INTERFEROMETER | Wavefront error at several wavelengths

The Kaleo-MultiWAVE bench is a unique instrument that delivers wavefront error at multiple wavelengths. Optics such as lenses, filters or mirrors can be characterized at their working wavelength. Moreover optics having a coating can be measured without selective absorption issues.

The bench offers a superior accuracy similar to interferometry and a very great dynamics over large diameter.

Measurement are done in double pass, either in transmission or reflection.

polychromatic interferometer

Key Features

Multiple wavelengths on the same bench

  • Standard: 625nm – 780nm – 1050nm
  • Custom on demand from 400-1100nm

More than 20µm PtV

  • 10 µm PtV dynamics over large diameter
  • Highly aberrated wavefront measurement

Interferometric level

  • Accuracy similar to an interferometer
  • Very high repeatability
  • Very low noise


  • Surface measurements
  • Coating (AR, Dielectric, Metallic)
  • Interference filters…


  • Optical manufacturer
  • Space
  • Defence


  • Compliant with ISO 5725 standard
  • MetroPro format compatible
  • ISO 10110 format available


ConfigurationDouble pass
Standard Wavelengths625 / 780 / 1050 nm
Custom Wavelengths400 to 1100 nm
Clear Aperture5.1" (130 mm)
Repeatability (ISO 5725)4 nm RMS
Reproducibility (ISO 5725)6 nm RMS
Dynamics10µm PtV
Accuracy<20 nm RMS
Dimensions910 x 600 x 260 mm

Kaleo MultiWave Bench polychromatic interferometer

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