The SID4Bio is a plug & play camera for quantitative phase imaging. It works with any microscope and enables measuring valuable numerical parameters on live cells.

Key Features

PLUG & PLAY CAMERA | for quantitative phase microscopy

  • Unique technology for instantaneous artefact-free quantitative phase imaging
  • Upper accuracy
  • Compact & mobile
  • Single part: Robust & no calibration needed



Wavelength range400–1100 nm (compatible with white-light source, laser...)
Magnification10x to 200x
Aperture dimension 8.9 x 11.8 mm2
Lateral resolutiondepends on magnification
Down to 0.2μm on phase image
Resolution (Phase) < 1 nm RMS
Dry mass resolution<0.5 pg
Acquisition rate Up to 10Hz
Microscope interface C-mount
Dimensions54 x 46 x 79 mm
Weight~250 g

SID4Bio Software


The SID4Bio software is designed to assist image acquisition and analysis. It delivers a complete set of parameters based on morphometric and phase information contained in the SID4Bio camera image.

high content imaging


Image acquisition
  • Image stack management
  • Time-lapse
  • Compatible with Metamorph or Micromanager
Post-processing features
  • Automated segmentation – adapted to adherent cells, round cells, bacteria, yeast, ...
  • Tracking
  • Thresholding
  • Single cell dry mass and morphometry
  • Scatter plot for population identification
  • Cell counting

For an OEM integration or automated microscopy set-up, the SID4Bio software is compatible with MetaMorph, Micromanager, ImageJ and a SDK toolkit is available

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