Surface Analysis



Measuring surface properties is a way to control and adjust manufacturing methods of the material under test in order to improve the sample overall performance.
Our wavefront sensor/QWLSI characterizes surfaces using a microscope both in transmission and reflection. Based on Phasics’ unique technology (QWLSI), SID4 camera measures the surface topography of the sample.
In particular, roughness measurements and thickness differences are obtained with a single-shot measurement.


Compared to other methods (e.g. Atomic Force Microscopy, Scanning electron microscopy), SID4 camera provides a single-shot 3D surface topography of up to 11×8 mm² with a phase resolution of 1 nm over the whole field of view. The control of the material surface can be done in-real time during manufacturing process.
SID4 camera  is a non-destructive measurement method that is easily implemented on any microscope system.


Surface Analysis Phase and 3D

Topography of microstructures on a glass substrate (Magnification)


Based on Phasics’ technology QWLSI, SID4 Imaging provides a high-resolution 2D measurement of the index of refraction variation and thickness of any sample under the microscope.
SID4 camera is an accurate and non-destructive method for refractive index measurements on semi-transparent samples.


  • Laser induced damage threshold (LIDT)
  • Refractive index measurement: Waveguide & Fiber optics
  • Surface characterizations & measurements


  • Compatible with any kind of microscope
  • Compatible with any kind of illumination (LED, white light, LASER)
  • Phase resolution of 1 nm
  • Non-destructive method
  • Plug & Play
  • Single-shot 3D measurement over the whole field of view