Laser Optics Test


TELESCOPE & MIRROR CHARACTERIZATION | Easy double-pass wavefront measurement

Phasics wavefront sensor makes easy the characterization of telescopes, mirrors and any optics used in laser facilities. It delivers aberrations, PSF, Sthrel ratio, phase RMS, beam profiles or surface shape based on a high resolution wavefront measurement. Measured aberrations can then be automatically removed of further measurement.

The solution applies to any optics of any wavelength, including beam expander, large mirror, flat optics…

Our wavefront sensor is even more easy-to-use when it is coupled with the R-Cube, our high quality illumination unit dedicated to double-pass measurement.



Quality control

  • Accuracy < 20nm RMS in double pass set-up

Concave Mirror surface test

In the adaptive optics beamline

  • Automated removal of the telescope aberrations in the analysis beamline of an adaptive optics loop
  • Software manages the automated subtraction

telescope aberration map


The measurement relies on our high resolution wavefront sensor. It is combined to the RCube add-on for an easy double-pass wavefront measurement. This add-on simply plugs on to SID4 and generates a high quality collimated beam. It enables benefiting from all the advantages of Phasics patented technology in a simple set-up

Set Up


  • 1/ Wavefront sensor
  • 2/ Double-pass illumination unit
  • 3/ Telescope
  • 4/ Flat surface
  • 5/ Lens under test
  • 6/ Reference mirror
  • 7/ Objective lens
  • 8/ Mirror under test




Very high resolution

  • Robust measurement and calculations
  • ZErnike coefficient up to high orders

No reference arm

  • Compact
  • Insensitive to vibrations

Plug & play illumination unit

  • Small footprint
  • Compatible with translation and tip/tilt stages

Scientific publications

Applied Optics Vol. 54, Issue 28, pp 8375-8382

DOI: 10.1364/AO.54.008375

Quantitative phase imaging applied to laser damage detection and analysis