Laser Beam Testing


COMPLETE LASER BEAM ANALYSIS | High resolution wavefront measurement

Based on a patented technology, Phasics wavefront sensor simultaneously provides both phase and intensity maps of unrivalled high resolution. It combines to the SID4 software to deliver a complete diagnostic of the laser beam: wavefront aberrations, laser beam parameters, beam profiles, M2 beam quality parameter… It is compact and it easily positions at any point of the laser chain as it directly measures diverging beam.


  • For high power laser engineer
    • Build and maintain your laser quality
    • Check your laser before an experiment
  • For laser manufacturers:
    • Fast & comprehensive beam quality control in R&D or production, including M2

For any laser

  • Continuous to pulsed lasers
  • UV to far IR , including broadband lasers such as OPO laser, femtosecond laser


With high resolution phase + intensity

  • Aberrations (Zernike, Legendre)
  • PSF, Strehl Ratio, Encircled energy
  • Beam profiles

Zernike coefficient measurement

in compliance to ISO 11146 standard

  • in a single shot
  • for any laser including femtosecond laser

Beam quality and beam propagation


at any point of the laser

  • compact and easy-to-align
  • diverging beam measurement with no relay lens
  • Beam profiles

diverging beam wavefront measurement


  • Circular or rectangular pupils
  • Multiple pupils
  • Piston
  • Tilt…


Phasics technology – “Quadriwave lateral shearing interferometry”- delivers the phase and intensity of an incident laser beam. Beam parameters including M2 and aberrations are calculated from this one shot acquisition.
Phasics technology stands out for its very high spatial resolution and its ability to measure diverging beam with no relay lens. Thus it provides very accurate outcomes and it is easy to integrate in any set-up.


Set Up

Wavefront sensor set-up for laser beam test

► Phasics solution for laser beam testing combines one of our high resolution wavefront sensor with the SID4 software package. This package manages acquisition and analysis of phase. Trigger is possible.


Phasics wavefront analyzer can be positionned at any point of the laser chain, whether the beam is collimated or diverging


Up to 300 x 400 measurements points

  • For both phase & intensity
  • Robust calculations of beam parameters including the M2
  • Strong aberrations measurement

No relay lens

  • Easy positioning at any point of the laser chain
  • No extra aberrations (no relay lens)
  • No relay optics at high NA

No calibration needed

  • Compatible with Femto second pulse
  • OPO laser
  • Several lasers management

No reference arm

  • Compact
  • Insensitive to vibrations

Comparisons to other techniques

Phasics Shack-Hartmann
High resolution ++ -
High dynamics ++ ++
Direct measurement Yes No
Easy alignment ++ +
Self-referenced Yes Yes
Achromatic Yes No

Scientific publications

Phase measurement of a segmented wavefront using PISton and TILt interferometry (PISTIL)

New architectures for telescopes or powerful lasers require segmented wave front metrology. This paper deals with a new interferometric wave front sensing technique called PISTIL (PISton and TILt), able to recover both piston and tilts of segment beams. The main advantages of the PISTIL technique are the absence of a reference arm and an access to the tilt information.

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DOI: 10.1364/OME.7.003124

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Application Note

M2 measurement based on a one shot high resolution wavefront measurement