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INNOVATION & EXPERTISE | in high resolution wavefront sensing

Phasics offers a full range of measurement and imaging solutions based on an innovative high resolution wavefront sensing technology. They address the needs of laser engineers, lens manufacturers and cell biologists.

Phasics solutions are all based on a unique patented technology, the quadriwave lateral shearing interferometry. This technology was developed to overcome the Shack Hartmann limitations: it offers ultra-high resolution (up to 400×300 measurement points), high sensitivity and large dynamic range.

Moreover, it is compact, achromatic and easy to use thanks to its direct set-up with no relay lens.

Phasics core competency stands in both wavefront measurement and analysis with quadriwave lateral shearing interferometry. For each application, an expert software package delivers complete and relevant analysis to make the most of the high resolution wavefront measurement. With a strong customer focus, Phasics cares for satisfying all needs: its robust R&D team keeps on developing innovative features as well as customizing standard configurations to customers’ requests.

High resolution wavefront sensor technology



Quadriwave lateral shearing interferometry, also known as modified Hartmann mask technique, is a patented wavefront sensing technology. It stands out for its very high spatial resolution, its ability to measure diverging beams with no relay lens and its achromaticity.

This technology was introduced on the market in 2004 by Phasics and is now internationally recognized for its performance and easy integration.



Quadriwave lateral shearing interferometry measures the phase and intensity of a beam with a very high spatial resolution. This innovative technology relies on a diffractive grating that replicates the incident beam into 4 identical waves. After a few millimeter propagation, the 4 replicas create an interferogram on the detector. The phase gradients are encoded in the interference fringe deformation.



Phasics technology was developed to overcome the lack of resolution of the Shack-Hartmann technique. It uses a smart diffractive grating design instead of holes (Hartmann) and microlenses introduced by Shack.


Quadriwave lateral shearing interferometry offers:

  • High resolution: 4x more than Shack-Hartmann
  • Achromaticity in the detector spectral range
  • Direct measurement of diverging beams
  • No reference arm unlike classical interferometry


Wavefront sensors based on quadriwave lateral shearing interferometry range from UV to far IR. They classically apply to laser beam measurement and correction and to lens testing, for which they offer accuracy and versatility.


Their high resolution also opens the path to innovative uses of wavefront analysis such as plasma density measurement or quantitative phase microscopy for life science.

Quality commitment


Our primary objective is to make our users fully benefit from our innovative technology. Our teams commit to offer their best expertise so as to deliver high quality solutions that meet and exceed each user’s expectations. Our Quality Management System – certified through ISO 9001 – monitors all our processes from R&D to after sales services and includes specific metrology methods to qualify our instruments and algorithms.

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